Our Beloved MascotsThe Dolphin Den is proud to be pet friendly

At The Dolphin Den we firmly believe in adopting "mans' best friend" from no-kill shelters. A substantial portion of our pet fee is donated to Lovehandlers "Whispering Spirit" animal sanctuary in the great smoky mountains of Tennessee. Their mission is to give deserving souls a loving second chance. Please take a moment to visit them anytime at lovehandlers.org.


PaytonForever in our hearts and souls

For over a decade Payton was The Dolphin Den's stalwart mascot. He was abandoned with a litter of puppies in New Orleans, LA during Hurricane Katrina. Payton and the puppies' lives were saved by the tireless and compassionate efforts of true, blue American heroes… The United States Coast Guard… and we adopted him in 2005. Sadly, Payton left us early in 2015, but his big heart and unconditional love will always be cherished in our memories.


SnickersNot RPI material, but a handsome big love

Snickers, who was abandoned and rescued in Tennessee, was adopted by The Dolphin Den as our new mascot after Payton left us in 2015. He's an adorable, playful and oversized chocolate lab puppy...but he might be just a few peas short of a casserole!